Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Fine Line Between Over-Watering and Under-Watering

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of properly watering your landscaping this time of year. It requires finding that tricky balance between too little water and too much water to maintain the healthy landscaping you desire. With temperatures rising and sunny days becoming more common as summer approaches, your gut reaction might be to add water. However, sometimes over-watering can by just as harmful as under-watering.

What are the signs of too much or too little water? Unfortunately, the symptoms are quite similar, sometimes making it hard to know what to do. Here are some things to watch for:

  • Leaves turn brown and wilt. This can happen with both too little or too much water, but the difference is that under-watered plants tend to have dead leaves that are dry and crispy while over-watered leaves are soft and limp.
  • Over-watered plants may develop root rot, which is noticeable when it begins to turn brown on a section or side of the plant and portions of the plants will start to die and spread until the whole plant dies.
  • Even if your plant loses all its leaves, it may still be alive. Use a knife or pruning tool to scratch the surface of plant stems to see if green is visible. If so, the plant may have just dropped its leaves reacting to the drought or heat. Cut back the plant and water it carefully to bring it back to life.

The ideal way to know if you are under or over-watering is to regularly check the moisture of your soil. Stick your finger a couple of inches into the soil and do not add water if it feels moist. Check daily and when the soil feels dry, add water. Aim water at the roots of the plant and water deeply, while avoiding getting too much water on the leaves and blooms.

These tips can help you maintain the right amount of water for your landscaping. Don’t neglect your plants and lawn during the summer, as extra care is needed to find a successful balance between too much or too little hydration.

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