Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pergolas versus Arbors

Structures are often used in landscaping to enhance or complement the beauty of the area. They can incorporate a variety of features such as roofs, benches, swings, and vines to make your garden more attractive and comfortable. Pergolas and arbors are two types of overhead structures that are often referred to interchangeably, but there are actually some notable differences between the two.

What is an arbor?
Usually comprised of a trellis as some part of its makeup, an arbor tends to form a tunnel-like passage of climbing plants. Arbors are often shaped like an arch, and most have a continuous length of latticework running from one side to the other. These garden structures are usually relatively small.

What is a pergola?
Also designed to support climbing plants, pergolas are larger structures and have posts that support a roof. They are often used to provide shade for a walkway, patio, or deck area. Pergolas typically include more extensive architectural design than arbors, such as columns reminiscent of their original Italian background. Vines may be incorporated to create a canopy over the roof of the pergola, providing even greater shade. Pergola roofs may be made up of lattice, vines, fiberglass or other materials.

Why should I consider adding a structure to my landscaping?

Whether you opt for a pergola or an arbor, these structures can extend your living space into your yard and provide a lovely transition from inside to outside. You can create the effect of an outdoor room, especially with a larger roofed pergola, and add valuable shade. The results of incorporating a pergola or arbor can add interest, value, and appeal to your landscaping to transform your area from ordinary to exquisite. C4 Landscape & Design can assist you in choosing the right plants for your structure. This may include climbing vines to add color, depth, and beauty as well as plants and beds to surround your structure and tie all of your landscaping together perfectly.

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