Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Types of Mulch

It’s time to start thinking about mulching your yard here in the Houston area. Mulch is a great way to protect the soil in your flower beds and garden, and no Katy yard should be without it. You have a choice about the type, color, and texture of your mulch. Here is a description of the most common kinds of mulches to help you decide which one is right for your home or business.

Hardwood bark
One of the most prevalent mulches in this area, hardwood bark mulch is made from oak, hickory, and other hardwoods. It is dark brown in color, and shredded to be used as a top dressing or along paths or surrounding trees. It is easy to work with and breaks down to enhance the nutrients in the soil.

Pine bark
Another popular mulch used in the Katy area is pine bark, which provides the benefits of an appealing scent and a contributor of organic content through decomposition. Pine bark mulch ranges in color from red to dark brown, and should be in shredded form as opposed to large chunks to avoid washing away.

Pine needles
Also having the pleasant pine smell, pine needle mulch is attractive and lightweight. It allows water and air to easily penetrate the soil, and is especially beneficial when placed around flowering plants like azaleas and hydrangeas.

Shredded native
Native mulch is created from recycled materials from tree trimmers and landscapers, making it a very environmentally friendly choice. This dark brown mulch is available in either finely or coarsely textured forms, and resembles hardwood mulch.

Generated from trees that have been cleared for ranching or development, reddish-brown cedar mulch has a nice odor and is available in shredded or ground textures. It provides long-lasting results as a top dressing in your landscaping, and some people even claim that cedar mulch repels insects.

Another excellent top layer that is especially helpful to your soil is compost. Dark brown and crumbly, compost may either be purchased or generated yourself at home.

Shredded rubber
A more unique option, shredded rubber is often used in areas like playground surfaces. Made from inorganic materials such as recycled tires, this mulch lasts the longest of any type of mulch. It doesn’t decompose or blow away, and is promoted as being a nontoxic way to suppress weeds. The downside is that shredded rubber mulch doesn’t look natural, and even comes in colors like red, blue, and brown.

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