Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Landscaping Design Styles

When it’s time to spruce up the landscaping at your Katy yard, there’s more to it than just planting some shrubs and flowers. There are many things that you should consider in making choices about your landscaping. Your first decision is to figure out what style you’re going for, and then all the subsequent decisions will fall into place based on that.

So what does landscape style mean? This refers to the look or impression that your landscaping will achieve. Maybe for you that means basing it on your home’s style, family needs, or your personality. Another style option is pursuing a theme for your yard and its landscaping. Many homeowners choose a theme that accompanies their home style or their geographic area. For example in Katy, this might be a Texas theme.

Landscaping with a certain theme or particular style in mind will help you keep the project on track, as well as create unity between your home, landscaping, and garden. Let’s consider some of the most common design styles that you may want to consider for your Katy landscaping. Remember that this is a list of common designs, but your own style is limited only by your imagination!

Originally used in Arizona and New Mexico, the Southwest style has become popular elsewhere too. It can be created by plants , garden decorations, and hardscapes.  The plants are often drought-tolerant, which can come in handy in the Katy area.

As new varieties of palms and other Mediterranean plants are developed that can adapt to different climates, the Mediterranean style is increasing in popularity. This style gets much of its atmosphere from the plants selected. Changes in level are often implemented by terracing, water features, statues, and hedges.

Cottage Garden
In this style, the front path always leads to the front. Vegetables and herbs are planted in neat rows, and rustic materials like dirt paths, native stone, and arbors are incorporated into the landscaping. Plants are group informally and often self-sown, and flowers are abundant in a mix of colors and scents.

Japanese Garden
Some Katy residents desire to bring the Eastern world into their own backyards. The Japanese garden style brings elegance and serenity to your landscaping. It is usually simple and easy to maintain. The Japanese garden artistically includes plants, trees, rocks, sand, and usually ponds and flowing water. The goal with this design is to mimic nature.

The formal style of landscaping relies on geometrical shapes and straight lines. Usually, this style is very symmetrical. Plants are placed in order and pruned carefully to achieve a formal effect.

Sometimes similar to Mediterranean gardens, the tropical style depends on the types of plants chosen. These plants typically have large leaves and flower into intense bright colors. Thick foliage is planted in the beds to create a tropical atmosphere.

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