Monday, May 28, 2012

Focal Points in your Landscaping

Inside your home, you spend time and money decorating to make it look inviting. You think about your flooring, paint, furniture, and accessories. Your yard is simply an extension of your home. You should carry the same types of ideas that you’re using inside the walls of your house to the exterior, because the outside of your home is the first thing that visitors see.

One of the keys to an interesting and appealing yard is creating focal points within the landscaping. Here are some examples of elements inside your home and ways that you can achieve them outdoors.

  • Carpet – use groundcover and grass to create a beautiful carpet outside.
  • Lighting – shine a spotlight on whatever you want to display in your landscaping. Maybe it’s a fountain, maybe it’s a pretty tree. It’s your choice!
  • Pictures – create a pretty picture through a display of flowers.
  • Walls – shrubs can be used to form walls or entire rooms if you desire.
  • Ceiling – include a pergola and use vines to drape across the top to create a lush ceiling.
  • Kitchen – bring your kitchen outdoors with an area for grilling and entertainment.
  • Art – add some garden statues to bring allure and uniqueness to your landscaping.
  • Fireplace – for many homes, the fireplace is the focal point inside. The same thing can happen when you add a fireplace outside, or a fire pit table. You can use colors and textures that set the tone for your whole outdoor living space.
  • Running water – encompass the soothing sounds of a fountain or waterfall into your landscaping.
  • Living room – entertain your guests or relax on your own at the end of a long day in a outdoor living space with seating, tables, container plants, and lights.
  • Food – sometimes there’s nothing like homegrown tomato vines, pepper plants, or fruit trees to add that touch of coziness to your yard.
  • Fragrance – like the scented candles and potpourri you use indoors, take advantage of nature’s fragrance array with sweet-smelling flower choices.

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